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It’s well-known that having a mentor on your team can help you tremendously by guiding you through career landmines and helping you map out a plan for success.

But let’s say you’ve got a great mentor who’s helped you make great strides in your career – from them you’ve l...


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It’s January, a time when every seasoned professional’s fancy turns to mentoring! Ok, maybe not every professional, but it is National Mentoring Month and we want to help our Homies who may be thinking about taking on this challenging but rewarding venture.Take our quiz and...

All you wanna do is win, right? Like anything else, winning requires a having and executing a plan. But before you act, you have to know you can do it. In this Corporate Quickie, Demetra and Bemetra talk about what it takes to have a winner’s mindset, trusting yourself, and what they admire about former Washington, D.C. mayor Marion Barry.

In Episode 11 of the #CorporateHomie Podcast, Demetra and Bemetra talk about the dos and don’ts of the job hunt. One common mistake people make in their search for a new job is thanking those who have helped them along the way. Whether they’ve given advice, introduced you to a lead, or tipped you off to an opening, remember to express your thankfulness at every turn of kindness. #ThankYouMatters

Happy Valentine’s Day Homies!  Recently, I had the privilege of being named to the inaugural class of the Superbold Empowerment Conference.  When the Homie conceived the movement, she sought to honor women who live their lives in a big, bold way.  So, frankly, I was more than humbled  women doing great things in the field of media, entert...