Demetra Liggins

I was privileged to have traveled around the world as an Air Force brat; but no matter how many times we moved, a NEW experience, in which to adapt was always waiting, and as a NCAA scholarship volleyball player at Christian Brothers University in Memphis, Tennessee, I further learned how to be a “team player”. At Samford University, at the Cumberland School of Law in Birmingham, Alabama I learned the strategies necessary to WIN in a male dominated industry. When I entered Corporate America via some prestigious law firms, I gained confidence that I can be just as effective and accomplished as my male counterparts and much of this I learned through trial and error. Which is why Corporate Homie is so important to my sister and me. Being raised in a home that upheld the values of excellence, we weren’t expected to be perfect, but our personal best was an absolute requirement.

In my 15 year career, I have upheld those values and expectations by working with clients and business executives of Fortune 500 companies in a plethora of capacities. This positioned me to become the first African-American woman promoted into the rank of partner in our firm’s nearly 130 year history. When it comes to managing multibillion dollar corporations, internal politics and corporate relationships, I have gained quite a bit of expertise. I am ready to help you achieve your goals in being the best at what you do, regardless of your background. I want to empower others because I truly believe Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.’s theory that we are “caught up in an inescapable network of mutuality.” In other words, what each of us does, will impact one another and because I have been so grateful to have accomplished so much during my journey this far, I just want to reach back and help you do the same. Corporate Homie wants to be your “go-to” corporate community that you can find the answers to any questions and creative ideas for any situation. We’ve been blessed and Bemetra and I simply want to bless others through private and group coaching lessons, entertaining courses and strategic tools to help you move ahead and become some of the most powerful women in Corporate America. You will become both respected and a force to be reckoned in the corporate market.

Bemetra Salter Liggins

When I was growing up with my twin sister Demetra, I knew we were special and would one day do something that was amazing! Our parents were adamant about making sure we were the best individuals we could be; as God’s grace would have it, we have. My experiences in the banking industry have allotted me the opportunities to step into corporate waters and calm the raging seas. As the President of the Hillsborough Market BB&T, I am able to coordinate and promote the image of our bank within the community. My team has been successful in growing our bank’s image since 2011. Although my career began in 1997 as an Account Manager with WorldCom and then later to Account Manager for AT&T Global Services and every job in between, I consider myself a financial “mogul” in my own right. But, what’s the good in being at the top of the world and my fellow corporate sisters are still struggling to join me? We aim to make your experience at Corporate Homie a rewarding one.

Demetra and I seek to remind you that leadership is about utilizing the greatness that you possess and focusing that energy into some extraordinary outcomes. We vow to help you achieve this as a team. Believe me, I know what being a part of a team means. I was on the basketball team at Christian Brothers University in Memphis, Tennessee on scholarship when I acquired my B. S. in Business Administration, until 1997. Collaborating as a part of a group to achieve a GREATER goal, became a part of my life; which made acquiring my MBA from Wake Forest University in 2004 and serving on the Student Advisory Council easier because I learned how to balance what’s important.

Establishing the concept of the Corporate Homie was inevitable because “sisterhood” was instilled in Demetra and me from birth. Being twins, we did everything together. If I needed something, she had my back and if she was in trouble, I covered and protected her. We pushed each other to be the BEST that we could be and that has remained our life-line to success. Empowering others is what we do; it is what we were taught to do and it’s what we will continue to do, in the Corporate Homie community. And please understand that community is no stranger to me. I am active on the board of directors of the Greater Tampa Chamber of Commerce, the University of Tampa Board of Fellows, the United Way Bridges, the Centre Club Board of Governors, the Go Red for Women with the American Heart Association and I was recently selected by the Mayor of Tampa to serve as a commissioner on the Board of the Tampa Housing Authority. Now, if that is not enough “community” for you, I am a proud member of the Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc., a 2013 Leadership graduate and was listed as an Up and Comer by the Tampa Bay Business Journal in the same year.

So as you can see, both my sister and I have ample experience and resources that can not only help you to propel to the top of the corporate ladder, we will walk with you hand-in-hand along the way; sharing our ups and downs, our stresses and successes and our tips and strategies that specialize in leadership development solutions for leaders at any level.