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Hey Homies! How’s your summer going? These are the days when the pace at work moves slower and you can breathe a little easier before the hustle and bustle picks up again come fall. Hopefully, you’re having a blast with friends and loved ones, getting in some traveling, o...


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When it comes to networking, you’re a corporate commando. You have no problem cold calling or emailing a complete stranger, introducing yourself, and making a connection. In person your hand shake is strong, eye contact game impeccable, and your elevator pitch is matchless. Networking is your str...


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The boss/employee relationship is perhaps the most important in the workplace, so it makes sense to invest time and effort into getting it right. The connection you share with your boss will never be perfect, but there are steps you can take to continuously improve it.


Corporate Quickie: How to Be a Rock Star Corporate Homie

Tired of being overlooked for that promotion or ignored in meetings? It’s likely that your functioning as a Regular Homie rather than a Rock Star Homie is what’s keeping you from advancing in the workplace. Whether you are new on the scene or a career vet, here are some things you can do to standout at the office:

1.      Be consistently good with your word and deed.

Regular Homies<...

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You aced the interview, calmly rode out the nerve-wrecking wait for the offer, and then breezed through the negotiation process to land that new job. And finally, it’s here – the first day.

Perhaps it’s your first gig out of college or the job at your dream employer that you’ve been working hard toward for the last 10 years. Either way, it’s important to be sure you set the right tone and make the right impression from Day One. And here at ...

 We are deeply saddened about the death of one of the greatest basketball coaches of all time, Patricia Head Summitt.  As its head women’s basketball coach, Coach Summitt successfully led the University of Tennessee for 38 seasons..  During her tenure, her teams won 1,098 games (making her the winningest coach in college basketball history… yes more than John Wooden, yes, more the Coach K, yes, more than everybody).  She coached 8 national title teams, and her teams played in 22 ...

We find that Sunday evenings tend to be a time of dread because everyone starts to think about Monday. But we also find they are a good time to think about the upcoming week as a whole.  It’s also the time that we use to prepare
oursleves….meaning that we clean out our email box, complete expenses reports and other administrative tasks.  That way
when we get in the office on Monday morning, we are ready to do my substantive work and we also have a some time for the ...

Just like all jeans are not created
equally, all posts are not either. We
love pictures….always have.  In college,
our sorority sisters called Demetra “kodak moment” because she was always trying to
capture moments.  So all posts that
appear on Thursdays will not contain any words.
Just a photo or a picture.

What is Casual Friday?

         Casual Friday…such a misleading term.  Because it’s not really casual.  It just means that you don’t have  to wear a suit.  It doesn’t mean this is your time to “shine” in the fashion department.  Corporate dress is so misleading on tv and magazines. The only shows that remotely come close to they way I think we really dress is Madam Secretary, The Good Wife, or Scandal.   The rest of them get it...