As we have been preparing to launch, we’ve gotten a lot of questions about the name. We will break it down it bit.  First, you probably notice that we said, “corporate.” and that’s exactly what we mean. This community is for corporate types: those of us who work in “Corporate America” .  We are like, Dolly Parton, we work 9-to-5 or some us are like Michael Jackson we work day and night!  And while we have tips from which everyone can learn, this community is not aimed or dir...

We are excited about all of steps toward launching Corporate Homie.  We are working on the website, have applied for our trademark, have our social media pages and have a logo!  Now we just need you to sign-up below for our mailing list and socialize with us (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and Periscope) so we can keep you posted on our progress.  

Chat with you soon, Homies!