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The holidays are a time for sharing and caring, and that can extend to the office. But what’s the right way to spread holiday cheer?

Gift-giving in the office doesn’t have to be complicated if you first establish a few ground rules. Follow our advice to help make gifting in...


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It’s almost 5 p.m. and you’re just hours from hopping a flight to paradise. All you can think about is sand, blue skies, and warm temperatures. These last few months on the job have been brutal: late nights, early mornings, weekends. Your social life is in shreds and you’d pay t...

The holiday season is in full swing and that means you’re likely bouncing from one event to another. Enjoy yourself but don’t attend these events just to munch on crab cakes and participate in the Secret Santa gift exchange. Holiday events are ripe with opportunities for networking and making connections.

In this clip from Episode 3 of the Corporate Homie Podcast (The Business of the Holidays), learn Demetra and Bemetra dish out netwo...

Hey Homies! Can you believe the new year is almost here?!?! We’re super excited about 2017 and what’s ahead as we fulfill Corporate Homie’s mission. But 2016 was a great year for Corporate Homie and we’d like to take a minute to celebrate our Top 5 moves of the year. Ready? Let’s go!

Corporate Homie’s Top 5 Moves of 2016...

You’re an ambitious hard worker who’s got success within your sights. But talent alone isn’t going to get you to the top. Doing everything at the office but being yourself can work against your goal of moving up the ladder. In this clip from Episode 8 (Authenticity) of the Corporate Homie Podcast, Demetra and Bemetra talk about why being yourself in the workplace matters.



It’s well-known that having a mentor on your team can help you tremendously by guiding you through career landmines and helping you map out a plan for success.

But let’s say you’ve got a great mentor who’s helped you make great strides in your career – from them you’ve l...



It’s January, a time when every seasoned professional’s fancy turns to mentoring! Ok, maybe not every professional, but it is National Mentoring Month and we want to help our Homies who may be thinking about taking on this challenging but rewarding venture.Take our quiz and...

All you wanna do is win, right? Like anything else, winning requires a having and executing a plan. But before you act, you have to know you can do it. In this Corporate Quickie, Demetra and Bemetra talk about what it takes to have a winner’s mindset, trusting yourself, and what they admire about former Washington, D.C. mayor Marion Barry.