Happy Thursday Homies! This is Bemetra. On Sunday’s CorporateHomie chat about balancing traveling for work and your life, I talked about how outsourcing some tasks (that sounds very “corporate”, doesn’t it?)  has saved me so much time and made my home life easier. In this Corporate Quickie, I share with you two things I can’t live without: Amazon and my cleaning lady, Carmen. Click the play button to learn how they help me stay organized - and sane!

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Photo: Baton72

“Idle hands are a playground for the devil.”

The above is a well-known old school adage highly evident in the workplace. How many times have you heard “Always look busy; it shows the boss that you are working” or “A clean desk means you’re not working hard enough”?



Ah, the weekly work meeting. Perhaps the single most boring event ever created in the business world. What’s supposed to be a purposeful gathering of colleagues to discuss a plan or update a project’s progress or share ideas, somehow quickly melts into a long snooze fest of nothingnes...