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“Idle hands are a playground for the devil.”

The above is a well-known old school adage highly evident in the workplace. How many times have you heard “Always look busy; it shows the boss that you are working” or “A clean desk means you’re not working hard enough”?


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The holidays are a time for sharing and caring, and that can extend to the office. But what’s the right way to spread holiday cheer?

Gift-giving in the office doesn’t have to be complicated if you first establish a few ground rules. Follow our advice to help make gifting in...

You’re an ambitious hard worker who’s got success within your sights. But talent alone isn’t going to get you to the top. Doing everything at the office but being yourself can work against your goal of moving up the ladder. In this clip from Episode 8 (Authenticity) of the Corporate Homie Podcast, Demetra and Bemetra talk about why being yourself in the workplace matters.



It’s well-known that having a mentor on your team can help you tremendously by guiding you through career landmines and helping you map out a plan for success.

But let’s say you’ve got a great mentor who’s helped you make great strides in your career – from them you’ve l...