Valentine’s Day Homies!  Recently, I had
the privilege of being named to the inaugural class of the Superbold Empowerment
Conference.  When the Homie Nicole R. Coleman conceived the Superbold movement,
she sought to honor women who live their lives in a big, bold way.  So, frankly, I was more than humbled  women doing great
things in the field of media, entertainment, and education, including the
incomparable Claire
the editor and founder of Fashion Bomb

the Entourage:
Squad Goals

episode of the Corporate Homie Podcast, Bemetra and I discussed the importance
of having a great personal board of directors or “squad.”  Then in the Job Hunt episode, we
talked about the importance of having a great network.  Homies, I cannot lie: I have never felt more
supported than at the Superbold event.
SO many in my squad showed up and gave me my whole life!

a single woman, I often have moments when I wondered if true love would ever
come my way.  But when the Homies come
through for a four-hour event on a work day
(these hours don’t bill themselves!), when clients, colleagues (Hey now! to the
Restructuring girls and my Sisters in Law that flew in from out of town), my
mentors, and a whole bunch of family showed up to support and cheer me on, I
realized – without a doubt – I already have true ride or die love.  My tribe is righteous!

on this Valentine’s Day, avoid getting all in your feelings if you don’t
have a boo or a beau. Focus instead on the relationships that you already have
poured into, and –  more importantly – those
that have poured into you.  Happy
Valentine’s Day to you, Homies!