Hey Homies! Can you believe the new year is almost
here?!?! We’re super excited about 2017 and what’s ahead as we fulfill
Corporate Homie’s mission. But 2016 was a great year for Corporate Homie and
we’d like to take a minute to celebrate our Top 5 moves of the year. Ready?
Let’s go!

Homie’s Top 5 Moves of 2016

1. Trademark is approved and corporatehomie.com goes
We kicked things off in June
with getting our legal house in order and making Corporate Homie official! It
was only right that we formally introduce Corporate Homie on the birthday of
our beloved Big Mama, a domestic who had only an eighth-grade education but
pushed us to set big goals and achieve them. The enthusiastic response we
received from our Homies was
outstanding! It also was confirmation that Corporate Homie’s time had
come. We’re looking forward to growing Corporate Homie into one of the best career
and lifestyle resources for women and minorities. Stay tuned, there’s more to

First Corporate Homie launch event takes place in
We wanted to celebrate
Corporate Homie’s birth and what better place to do that than H-town? Homies
came out in full force to offer support and congratulations and we’re still
beaming with the excitement from that night. We had so much fun meeting with our
friends and fans, we’re planning to host more events in 2017. Sign up for our
newsletter to get event notices and invites (and other #HomieHookups).

3. The Corporate Homie blog gets retooled. Homies, our main goal always has been to share information
that helps you get ahead in the office and in life. To do that, we hit the
reset button on the blog and remade it to be a valuable resource for career
advice, lifestyle trends, and more. Look for even more #goodness to materialize
in this space in the new year. In the meantime, revisit an oldie but goodie, “Are
You a Regular Homie or Rockstar Homie

4. Demetra and Bemetra go live. We made our broadcast debut via Periscope and
Facebook Live and what an experience! Homies, you showed us so much love as we
talked about our #traveltales and balancing work and life. We also gave out our
first #HomieHookup via Demetra’s travel itinerary (didn’t get a copy? Snag
yours here).
We look forward to doing more broadcasts in the new year.

5. The Corporate Homie Podcast debuts. The broadcasts were just the start. We moved into the
big leagues with the launch of the Corporate Homie Podcast and, boy, did we
have fun! And the love from our Homies was just amazing! The hundreds of
listens, downloads, and reviews were beyond our expectations.

Homies, 2016 was a great year and you played an
important role in our success! Thank you for your support, feedback, and most
importantly, your love. Wishing you and yours a happy holiday and prosperous
new year!