Quickie: How to Be a Rock Star Corporate Homie

Tired of being overlooked for that
promotion or ignored in meetings? It’s likely that your functioning as a
Regular Homie rather than a Rock Star Homie is what’s keeping you from
advancing in the workplace. Whether you are new on the scene or a career vet, here
are some things you can do to standout at the office:

1.      Be consistently
good with your word and deed.

Regular Homies: Their arrival time to work varies and they rarely
have a set method of doing things. They sometimes miss deadlines and their work
often needs revising.

Rock Star Homies: Develop a pattern of positive habits that they follow
every day without fail.  Arriving at the
office at the same time every morning? You can set your watch by it. Emailing
the boss with a mid-week update on that big project? Done. They complete tasks
by or before deadline and their work is neat and free of errors.  

2.      Be
passionate about communication.

Regular Homies: Rarely initiate communication with their boss or
their teammates. Their emails often contain misspellings and poor grammar.
Instead of communicating regularly about project progress, they’d rather keep
their bosses and colleagues guessing and wait for others to ask for updates.

Rock Star Homies: They understand that the importance of frequent and
good communication in the workplace.
When in charge of a major project or partnering with a co-worker to
handle an important client, they don’t leave it to their boss or colleagues to
chase after them for information. Instead, they’re proactive and provide
regular and error-free updates on assignments, satisfy inquiries as quickly as
possible, and offer up valuable insight because they know it’s all part of helping
the team succeed.

3.      Hustle, Hustle, HUSTLE!

Regular Homies:  Concerned with
doing their job and only their job. They don’t look to take on any extra work
that might help the boss breathe easier and almost never volunteer to help a
co-worker with a task.

Rock Star Homies: Look, these folks are known for doing their jobs and
then some. Rock Star Homies understand that they are part of a team and often will
take on extra work, take the lead on a project, or do things without being
asked because they know it will advance the team forward. They’re not
looking for personal glory but know that their standout behavior will work in
their favor come evaluation time.

So are
you a Regular Homie or a Rock Star Homie? Remember, when you do and say things
that are outside your job title or what’s expected of you, you become an
integral part of the company. And every company has more than enough room and
reward for folks who go above and beyond. So dig in a little deeper and do a
little more than what’s required. You’ll be glad you did.  Rock on, Homies!