When it comes to networking, you’re a corporate commando. You have
no problem cold calling or emailing a complete stranger, introducing yourself,
and making
a connection. In person your hand shake is strong, eye contact game
impeccable, and your elevator pitch is matchless. Networking is your strength and you’re
never more in your element than when you exercise this talent. 

But even those of us who are the best at networking tend to slip up
every now and again. Here’s a networking mistake that you may be making and how
you can fix it:

Mistake: Your follow up with new contacts is poor. You allow a week or
more to pass by before you reach out.

Fix: Many professionals approach networking as a game and judge their
success in this arena on the number of business cards they collect rather than developing connections. Don’t forget that the ultimate
goal of networking is to establish relationships.  Be sure that your
networking strategy includes circling back around and sending a quick “nice to
meet you” email.