Homies, being productive in the 21st century requires
some digital assistance. For today’s Corporate Quickie, here’s a list of some
apps that you can download to help you save time and work more efficiently.

Any.do – Put your to-do list on your phone with this app
that allows you to set time, location, and recurring reminders to help you stay
on track. You can also share your list and tasks with others and add tasks by

Carrot – This fun app helps curb procrastination by
rewarding you when you meet a goal or complete a task. It comes with upgrades
and mini-games to make it easier for you to get things done. But be warned: if
you don’t follow through, Carrot will unleash her anger! #NoSlackerZone

– This task management app helps
you plan projects and chat with team members. You can also use the app to manage
your team’s daily tasks, files, deadlines, and discussions. Use companion app
Flow Chat for quick discussions that don’t require emails.

Abukai – On business trips, keeping up with receipts for
expense reports can be drudgery and creating the expense report after the trip
is no fun either. Here’s a solution that handles everything for you: the app Abukai
creates the report for you. All you have to do is take a photo of your receipt
and command the app to process the report. Voila!

Inkflow – Sometimes, writing things down can be a drag. For
Homies who think visually, try this app to capture your ideas. A word-processor
for visual thinkers, you can use this app with or without a stylus. Bonus? You
can export your ideas into PDF or JPEG format and share on social media outlets
or tinker with written notes and sketches by inporting them into the app.

1Password – Perhaps nothing’s more frustrating than trying to keep up
with the multiple passwords you need for all the sites you use. This app makes
it easy by placing them all in one place. In addition to logins, the app can
store Wi-Fi and credit card passwords.