Homies, it’s no secret that one of the best ways to stand out on
the job is being an employee known for getting things done – and doing them well.
But unless you’re a born taskmaster, staying on task throughout the work day
can be a challenge. Over-socializing with co-workers, surfing the web, staring
at the wall – it’s hard not to give in to one or more of these during office

But there is a solution – or five. Read these tips below to learn
how you stay productive and perform effectively on the job.

Five Tips to Work Harder Smarter

1. Map out a schedule. Before you get to
office, know your routine for the day. Write down where you’ll be and what
you’ll be doing. This includes big meetings, conference calls, and your lunch
break. Use this as a guide to help you stay focused and keep
distractions to a minimums.

2. Don’t multi-task. Listen Homies, you’re
a human not a machine. You can’t be expected to do 50 things at one time AND do
them well. On days when you have several things clamoring for your attention
seemingly at the same time, triage your work and arrange taks from the most
difficult to the easiest. Doing tasks that are the hardest or that you like the
least at the top of the list helps get them out of the way faster and boosts your mood because you can
look forward to more pleasanter tasks.

3. Keep track of time. Homies, it can be
difficult to conquer your to-do list if you’re not managing your time well.
When approaching a task, estimate how long it will take you to complete it, and
allot a start and end time. Even if you haven’t finished, stick to the deadline
and move on to the next task. After lunch, evaluate your day to determine if
you can return to any incomplete tasks before leaving the office or if they must be moved to the next day’s list.  

4. Avoid time wasters. It’s an hour into
the work day and things are going well – until you get a text from your
favorite retailer giving you early access to an online sale starting at noon. Before you
fire up the app, realize that a “quick peek” could rob you of 30 minutes or more of
your day. The same applies to that chatty co-worker who loves to stop by your
cubicle on his way back from the copy machine or the family member who likes to
call everyday at 2:30 p.m. on the dot. Just say no and do your best to resist entertaining
anything or anyone that may zap your time.

5. Take breaks. Staying on task doesn’t
require that you remain glued to your desk until your to-do list is exhausted.
Schedule in 10 to 15 minute breaks every hour or so. Walk around, go to the
restroom, or take that “quick peek” at that sale. Taking regular breaks will
refresh and energize you and help you stay focused on getting things done.

Rock on, Homies!