It’s that time of year again, Homies –
and no, we’re not talking about pumpkin spice season (although we do know that
many of our Homies are serious about their PSLs!). Rather, fall
business travel season is in full swing, which means it’s likely you’ll be
taking to the friendly skies or embarking on a road trip to travel to a
work-related event such as a business meeting or professional conference.

Travel for business can be a source of
frustration, stress, and even anxiety for many business professionals. The
funny smells and sounds on a plane, bad hotel food, and crowded highways can
wear down even the most seasoned business traveler.

But fear not, Homies! We’ve got some
tips to help with your business #traveltales:

Best Business Travel Hacks

1. Write it down.
Proper planning is key to a smooth business travel experience. Before you book
your rental car or pack a shirt, consider making a checklist of items that
you’ll need to take with you before you go. Similarly, make a list of things to
do (reserve pet sitter, stop mail) to prepare for the trip. Writing down your
tasks before you actually do them will minimize the chance that you’ll forget
to do or bring something with you. Take it a step further and use apps like
TripIt or TripCase to organize and store all of your reservation confirmations
in one place. Or, if you are old school like Demetra, make a small notebook
that will fit in your purse or briefcase with all the details of your trip.

2.  Do you know where you’re going? Part of the fun of business travel is visiting new
places. But that joy can quickly turn to agony if you find yourself constantly
lost or eating at the same restaurant over and over. Curb your misery and
download Yelp to view restaurant views and recommendations, Uber or Lyft for alternate
(and sometimes cheaper) transportation options, or CityMaps2Go to get around

3.   Pack essentials in your carry-on bag. Air travel can be unpredictable. You could arrive to
your destination just fine, but your luggage? Well, it’ll arrive in a few days
at best. Or your flight could be delayed – until the next day. Logistics
mishaps, however, don’t have to catch you off guard. Tuck away small bottles of
soap and lotions, toothpaste tubes, a first aid kit, and an extra pair or two
of underwear in your carry-on bag. Having these items with you means you’ll
look together even when you and your checked luggage are not.

4.   Paper or plastic, just bag it. So you want to bring your workout clothes but don’t
want to lug around yet another bag? Try slipping a couple of dryer sheets into
your luggage. Once you arrive at your destination, use the hotel’s dry cleaning
bag to keep your stinky sweats separate from your sweater sets while the dryer
sheets trap the smell.

5.   You’ve got the power (strip). Although you’re traveling, it’s expected that you’ll
stay plugged in while you’re away – which means you’ll need to keep your
laptop, smartphone, and tablet charged. Instead of connecting every device at a
different outlet, pack a power strip and juice everything in one spot. The
bonus? You can take the power strip with you to the meeting location and keep
everything charged.  You can find some
our favorite power connector and other travel gadgets under the “Favorites” tab
on the Corporate Homie website.

Bonus: The right bag can make all the difference when
traveling for business. Aim for something that’s both practical and stylish,
like this tote
from Dagne Dover. Store small items, like chargers, pens, and keys in a pouch,
like this
from Gigi New York.

Until next time, hustle hard Homies!