So it’s a new week and your weekly report
is due to your boss in an hour. Unfortunately, you haven’t so much as typed one
word much less a full document. Ugh. Why does this happen? Why is it that you
leave important tasks on the back burner until absolute last minute?

Part of it could be the task itself. Boring,
monotonous work can snap creativity or drain any enthusiasm we may have otherwise.
But waiting until the last minute to get things done is more common than we think,
20 percent of U.S. men and women characterized as chronic procrastinators

Homies, obviously it’s better to be a doer
and not a waiter. But HOW can you procrastinate less? One
way is to focus on the task and be less concerned about what others think of
you and more aware of how you feel about yourself

Here’s more tips to help you bust the
blah bubble:

Steps to Go from Procrastinator to Pusher

1.Start with the end in mind. One of the best ways to get crackin’ on a task that seems
daunting or overwhelming is to visualize your desired outcome. What reaction
would you like to see from others? What words of praise would you like to hear?
Is there a high level of quality and competence you would like to exhibit in
your work? Do you expect to be trusted with bigger assignments if you perform
well? Envisioning that you will be showered with flowery language and accolades
can be a big boost toward executing and doing great work.

2. Word is bond.
This isn’t just a tagline often repeated in an LL Cool J song – it’s a hard
fast rule in the business world. Doing what you’ll say you will do goes far to
help you earn a good reputation and standing with your peers and bosses.
Appearances count for initial impressions, but it’s your ability to come through or
perform well – time and again – that’s going to help propel your career. Be a keeper of your word.

3. Fear the almighty deadline. Being afraid of something isn’t always good strategy
but sometimes, it can work. Knowing that you have someone else depending on you
often can be the impetus necessary to get ’er done. After all, no one wants to
be known as the weak link on the team. When there’s a deadline to be met, use fear of the consequences of failure to push you through.

4. Perfection is the enemy of good. Does this sound familiar? You get so wound up in
delivering the best ever presentation/quarterly report/speech created that you
become obsessed with making sure every detail is just right. You pore over the
numbers time and again and check and recheck and recheck sources. You know deep
down the information is accurate – you just, well, want it to be perfect. And that
goal of perfection that was your main motivator now has stopped you cold in
your tracks. Odd isn’t?  Homies, nothing
is perfect. Repeat: nothing is perfect! While there’s no question that you should
always do your best, resist the notion that if something isn’t perfect it’s not
worthy. Know that when you give your best effort and present your best work, it’s
enough. Period.

5. Ask for help.
Wonder Woman is amazing because she can make the impossible seem doable, within
reach. She can run 60 mph, jump 50 stories in the air, read minds, and do it
all while looking fierce. But we know that in real life, superheroes we are
not. We’re human and often fall short of our marks because we start out with an
I-can-do-it-all mindset. If you know that one of your areas of weakness is getting started completing a task until the end, doesn’t it make sense to enlist the help of a friend
or colleague who can help you stay on track? Break free from your procrastination by
assembling a team of folk to assist you in reaching your goal. These are your accountability partners,
your alarm clocks, your reminders, your proofreaders, your reality checks. It
doesn’t have to be an army, but a core group that you can depend on when you
reach out and call you on your bull when you’re slacking.

Until next time, hustle hard Homies!