You aced the interview, calmly rode out
the nerve-wrecking wait for the offer, and then breezed through the negotiation
process to land that new job. And finally, it’s here – the first day.

Perhaps it’s your first gig out of college
or the job at your dream employer that you’ve been working hard toward for the
last 10 years. Either way, it’s important to be sure you set the right tone and
make the right impression from Day One. And here at Corporate Homie, we can
help you do just that!


Here’s five ways you can stand out on
the first day:

Dress your best.
Today is a day of many first impressions so why not start with an outfit that
makes you look like a winner? This is the day that you wear the blazer you had
tailored to fit you perfectly or carry the leather laptop bag your mentor gave
you for a graduation present. Whether your office dress code is a page
right of Brooks Brothers or more laid-back, your clothes should be neat and professional. Keep makeup to a minimum and splash on
just a hint of fragrance. Putting forward a positive image on the first day
will linger long after your newness wears off.

Arrive on time.
As easy as it sounds, this is perhaps the one thing that most newbies get
wrong. It’s unlikely anyone will blow their top if you’re a few minutes late
getting to the office, but you should strive to not only be on time but also be
a few minutes early. Why is this important?
Arriving early on the first day of a new job sends a strong message
that you’re excited to be there and ready to dive in. So give yourself
some extra time in the morning and be familiar with your commute to avoid

Smile and introduce yourself. You’re the new kid in town, so all eyes will be on
you and your colleagues will seek you out to meet you. A bright smile and warm handshake
sends the signal that you’re friendly and approachable and will help you make a
strong first impression on the first day of a new job.

Take notes.
It’s easy to get wrapped up in the whirlwind and excitement that comes with being
the new kid in the cubicle. But as much as you are being watched and evaluated,
you should be doing the same. Take stock of your colleague’s social cues,
non-verbal communication, and other mannerisms. Be aware of the atmosphere in
the office. Is the tone serious and stuffy or jovial and relaxed? Studying
your surroundings the first day on the job will come in handy as you map out a long-term
strategy to fit into the company’s culture.

Leave late. Remember
the first day of school and how you couldn’t wait to get home and tell mom and
dad about your day? You might be just as anxious to do the same after your
first day at work, but do your best to shake the urge to bolt for the door
right at 5 p.m. At the end of your first day on the new job, hang around for a few
minutes to review the day, organize your desk, or get a head start on the next

The first day of a new job can be filled
with anxiety and anticipation. But following the above steps will help you
settle easily into your new role. Good luck Homie!