In Episode 9 of the Corporate Home Podcast (“Wins and
, we talked about how having a
winner’s mindset breeds success. Achieving something great without a strong
sense of belief in yourself is impossible. Although a can-do attitude isn’t a bona fide
blocker of failure, your attitude will play a vital. part in your success. As
much as we try to minimize or outright prevent it, failure always is a part of
success.  So, we should embrace it when in our pursuit of bigger and better.

Get over the hump of disappointment and back on the road to greatness with the following advice.

Steps to Overcoming Failure

1.  Accept it as part of the journey. Homies, the road to success is paved with occasional
potholes.  No one achieves anything extraordinary
without encountering some hardship. So
while you’d like to pretend as though the setback never happened, avoid
adopting this attitude. Instead, face your failures by acknowledging the downfall you’ve experienced.

2.  Look for the lessons. When things go wrong, naturally, you will want to reflect on  all the missed cues and revisit bad omens.  But flip that negative thinking around,
Homies.  Instead of beating yourself up,
focus on what you’ve learned.  For
example, you’re NOT walking away with a bruised ego or dreams deferred.  You’re walking away much smarter about how
you approach problems.  One upside to
failure is that it offers you the opportunity to examine the wrong turns you
made and create a blueprint that prevents you from again making the same

3.  Find the silver lining. You may be tempted to wallow in your feelings after
experiencing failure.  But the truth is
that in any unfortunate situation – no matter the circumstances – you can
always find something for which to be grateful. Maybe it’s the people you met
or perhaps you rediscovered your passion.   Grace may be difficult to exercise –
especially when things still are fresh – but if you can’t find a brighter side
right away, make that your most immediate goal to avoid sliding into
hopelessness.  Remember, you have many
chances to grab at success as you’re willing to pursue.

4.  Dust yourself off. It’s sounds cliché, but it’s true – if you don’t succeed the first
time, try again. When life knocks you on the ground, get back up.  Homies, success and fear can’t reside in the
space. Accomplishing goals and overcoming obstacles only can be done when
you’ve decided to brush off your setback and start over.  Remember, fear is temporary; regret is
forever.  Initially,  showering yourself with positive affirmations
(“I can do it”, “I am a winner”) may be difficult, but in the end, can go a
long way to helping you get back into the groove.  Sometimes, you have to speak life back into

5.  Act, don’t look back. Once you’ve done the work to push past your failure, get back to
work, Homies. Resist the temptation to agonize
over the past. Create a new plan of action and begin execution pronto. Focus
your attention on the task ahead and make moves that will shift you closer to
your goals. And consider adopting the word that was the slogan of a popular
presidential campaign as your personal mantra:


Until next time, Hustle Hard Homies!