Homies, we get it. Your desire to be great is strong. You genuinely
WANT to be awesome. You WANT the accolades, the awards, the promotions. You see
the finish line and you know that you can’t get there without hard work and sweat
and maybe some tears. But you struggle with keeping your motivation high while
in the race. How can you get from where you are to where you want to be when
your motivation wavers? How is it possible to remain focused when obstacles and
hurdles pop up in your path?

Homies, you’ve got to stay the course when working toward a goal. Here’s
how you can keep your motivation running at top speed:

Five Tips for Staying Motivated

1. What’s the plan? One way to jump start
your motivation is to have a plan that maps out how you will achieve your goals.
Don’t keep your plan inside your head. Sit down and write out your plan. Be as detailed
as you possibly can. List your goals, why you have them, how you’ll achieve
them, and the players you’ll need for support. Having a plan to accomplish your
goals makes it easier to track your progress and stay focused when challenges

2. Break it down. It’s easy to feel
overwhelmed and defeated when trying to execute your plan. There may be a lot
to do and you may not be sure where to start. Make things easier on yourself, Homie,
by splitting up your goals into actions that you can take daily, weekly, and monthly.
It’s easier to stay motivated and excited about your goals when you take things
one step at a time.

3. Reward yourself. All work and no play
makes for a cranky Homie. When on the bridge to success, it’s important to
celebrate along the way not just at the end.Be sure to give yourself a pat on
the back when you’ve checked off a task; when a goal is met, treat yourself to
a larger reward like a massage, nice dinner, or quick getaway. You’ll be more
motivated to continue with your plan and see it through to the end.

4. Find your people. So, here’s the deal
Homie: it’s nearly impossible to achieve greatness without help. And not just
any old help. You need a tribe, a network, YOUR people. These are folks who are
like you – they’re on a mission to improve, do better, be great. They understand
your sacrifices, the long hours you work, the canceled get-togethers with
friends because, they too, are on the same path or they have traveled the same
road. Surround yourself with these people. Rope them into your journey and
share with them your lows and highs.  They
can offer you some clarity when the pathway appears muddy and be the voice of
reason when you feel like giving up.

5.  Prepare for mistakes. If accomplishing
a goal was straight shot from A to B, we’d all achieve the success we desire without
fail. But failure, mistakes, and setbacks are part of the plan and you must
accept this. Yet, how you face those struggles is what matters most. When
hard times arise Homies, acknowledge them, deal with them, and then keep moving

Until next time, hustle hard Homies!