The holidays are a time for sharing and
caring, and that can extend to the office. But what’s the right way to spread
holiday cheer?

Gift-giving in the office doesn’t have
to be complicated if you first establish a few ground rules. Follow our advice
to help make gifting in the workplace merry and bright.

Tips for Gift Giving at the Office

Make a list and check it twice. This is probably the easiest part of the process.
Homies, you aren’t obligated to buy everyone in the office a gift. Heck, you don’t
have to buy everyone on your team a gift. Giving a gift is personal and should
be reserved for those with whom you have made a close connection. So feel free
to pass on Keisha in accounting whom you see only at the quarterly meetings.
But Carson, your partner on the project that won you tons of accolades and
boosted you up another notch on the ladder? Yeah, put him on the list. Remember,
a gift is way to express appreciation to those who are special to you. 

2. Create and stick to a budget. Homies, there’s no need to break the bank here. The
key to giving a really great gift isn’t how much you spend but how much thought
you put into it. So don’t feel obligated to make a huge, grand gesture with
your gift. Something small that totally reflects the person you’re gifting will
go a long way.

3. Show the boss some love – or not? Giving the boss a gift can be tricky. If you do, you could
appear as kissing up. If you don’t participate with your co-workers in the pool
in to purchase a gift for the boss from the team, you might come off as
snobbish. What to do?  Homies, here’s
where knowing etiquette rules comes in handy. Know that it’s not expected that you
give your boss a gift. In fact, it’s generally considered inappropriate to do
so; this is the time of year where bosses should be doing the gifting, not the
other way around. As for the office gift pool, avoid making a big deal about
it. It’s perfectly ok to decline participation with a coolly-delivered “Sorry,
I’m unable to contribute.”

exception to this: if it’s your company’s culture that gifts flow both ways –
and you absolutely cannot avoid giving your boss a gift – be sure to choose
something that isn’t too flashy or pricey).

4. Avoid getting too personal. There’s a line with gift-giving that can be crossed easily
if you’re not careful, Homies. To avoid that, shop with the person’s interests
and tastes in mind (are they a fan of hockey? Love chocolate?) and steer clear
of anything involving underwear, a gag gift (everyone’s sense of humor is
different), religion, or just generally repulsive. If you’re absolutely
clueless about to buy someone, remember you can never go wrong with a gift that
is job-related, like a personalized business card holder.

5. Personally deliver the gift. Perhaps the fun in gift giving is the actual giving.
Be sure to put your gift in your co-worker’s hands. If you are unable to catch
up with them, it’s ok to leave it on their desk with a note. Avoid making a
showy presentation in front of others. It’s inappropriate and unnecessary. Also,
this helps avoid that awkward moment of when someone who didn’t make your list
sees you play Santa Claus.

Until next time, hustle hard Homies!