As we have been preparing to launch,
we’ve gotten a lot of questions about the name.
We will break it down it bit.  First,
you probably notice that we said, “corporate.”
and that’s exactly what we mean.
This community is for corporate types: those of us who work in
“Corporate America” .  We are like, Dolly
Parton, we work 9-to-5 or some us are like Michael Jackson we work day and
night!  And while we have tips from which
everyone can learn, this community is not aimed or directed at for
entrepreneurs or talents (i.e,  actors,
singers, models, photographers, make-up artists, etcs).  

“Homie.”   When we chose the name, we have to admit
that we didn’t think that much about the word, but homie, was the word that
fit.  See, in my experience, we have
found that no one and we mean no-one makes it without a homie.  Whether the person is man, woman, white, or a
person of color:  if success is part of
the equation, a homie is too!   So, what
do we mean by a homie?  A homie is a
person that helps you on your corporate journey.  Helps you navigate the landmines.  A homie also helps you identify your weakness
and helps your strategize your next career move. We find that men, especially
white men,  easily identify and obtain
homies.  Sometimes, the are identifies
and all they have to do is accept.  We believe
this ease comes from the fact that homies like to help people who remind them
of themselves and the chance that a woman or minority will remind a white man
of himself is less likely.  Notice we said,
less likely, not impossible.  For women,
we think it’s becoming more and more likely as more senior men have daughters
in the work force.  On more than one
occasion, we have been told by a more senior man that he is more aware of the
diversity issues after listening to his daughter’s work stories.   We also think that women and minorities
sometimes have a distrust for people’s help.
But again, we cannot reiterate this enough.  You cannot climb the corporate ladder without
help.  Don’t be afraid of help.  Embrace it.
Learn to reorganize it….identification in and of itself is skill that
often has to be developed.

Having worked successfully in
Corporate America for nearly 20 years, we want to share with what we have
learned.  We hope that this place will be
one that you will come with your questions about everything from day-to-day
corporate issues, to how to prepare for your first business trip, to what to
expect a retreat, to how to write your annual review.  So, let’s be homies!


If you want to go fast, go alone.  If you want to go far, go together.  ~African Proverb