What is Casual Friday?

         Casual Friday…such a misleading
term.  Because it’s not really
casual.  It just means that you don’t
have  to wear a suit.  It doesn’t mean this is your time to “shine”
in the fashion department.  Corporate
dress is so misleading on tv and magazines.
The only shows that remotely come close to they way I think we really
dress is Madam Secretary, The Good Wife,
or Scandal.  
The rest of them get it all wrong.  And your friend that works at advertising
agency or in marketing for a the millennial division is probably going to lead
you astray too.  While both of those jobs
are clearly Corporate, they have non-corporate vibes piercing through their
cultures.  If you work in just a
corporate culture (i.e. banking, finance, law, insurance, etc.), stick with the
basics.  Here’s a couple of rules to
follow when you putting together your casual Friday outfit:

If you’re debating whether to wear it, DON’T!  I’ve learned this lesson the hard
way.  My first job after law school was
for a federal judge and I distinctly remember asking him about the dress code.
“Judge, I know what to wear when we have Court, but on the other days when we
were are just in chambers, what should I wear.”
My judge looked at me, closed his eyes and leaned back in his chair.  Still with his eyes closed he said, “Demetra,
if you’re at home and thinking about if should wear something in here.  Don’t wear that.”  At that time, that seem too easy….a gross
oversimplification.  But I have found no
truer advice.  Every time I was getting
dressed and wondered if a cut of a blouse was too low or a skirt was too tight
or pants to short, it was!   Or I spent
the entire day tugging at clothes, which means that is less time focused on the
task at hand.  So, the judge was right…I
just shouldn’t have worn it.  

Don’t get too fancy.  You can’t go wrong with a button down shirt, khaki pants or
skirt and a blazer.  It’s tried and
true.  Trust me.  It works. It’s casual.  It’s crisp and you will be good.  You can thank me later.

All jeans are not created equally.  Who doesn’t love a
good jeans day?  Well, I actually
don’t.  I have a hard time finding jeans
that I think fit well, don’t look too Saturday night and not Friday day and ARE
COMFORTABLE.  But, I’m sure that’s just
me.  You probably love jeans. And if you
do, you are probably excited about wearing jeans….just don’t wear from your
favorite pair.  Because favorite jeans
tend to have rips, tears, or embellishments, or make your butt look
amazing.  You really don’t need your butt
to look amazing at work, do you?  Jeans
are fine, but don’t forget Rules #1 and #2 when making your selection.